New Diffusion strongly believes that sustainable enterprise requires respect for man and his environment. For this reason we only do business with suppliers, subcontractors and joint-venture partners who have contractually agreed to our business ethics.

1. Safety
Suppliers shall only deliver goods and services that at least meet the legal safety and quality standards. Possible hazards linked to products or production processes are to be reported in writing to the New Diffusion management without delay.

2. Working conditions
New Diffusion undertakes to treat its employees in an honest, dignified and respectful manner. Our suppliers are to abide by all local social regulations and to respect the fundamental rights of every human individual.
Child labour. Suppliers shall not employ people who do not have the legally required age as determined in the legislation of the country in which they operate and shall under no circumstances employ people who are subject to compulsory school attendance pursuant to local legislation. In case there is no such local legislation our suppliers undertake not to employ people under the age of 15.
Wages and working hours. Suppliers shall abide by the legal stipulations with regard to wages and working hours. They shall pay their employees at least the legal minimum wage every month and wage systems other than hourly wage (e.g. for each finished product) shall not be applied.
Discrimination. Suppliers shall not perform discriminating acts against persons on the basis of individuality or religion.
Compulsory labour. Suppliers shall not employ people on the basis of forced labour or prison labour. They shall not use physical, verbal, psychological or sexual violence against their employees.
Safety and hygiene. Suppliers shall employ their employees in a safe environment that is sufficiently illuminated and ventilated. Suppliers shall also provide separate toilets for men and women as well as separate eating and changing rooms. All workplaces have to be equipped with fire extinguishers and there has to be an evacuation plan known to all employees. If the employment contract includes accommodations for the employees these accommodations need to be sufficiently safe and have to offer sufficient privacy.

3. The environment
Suppliers shall at least abide by the legal regulations in the environmental field and shall continuously aim at minimising their impact on nature and the environment.

4. Confidential information
Suppliers are to treat all communication between themselves and New Diffusion as confidential information even after termination of co-operation. New Diffusion shall in turn respect any confidential information received from its suppliers.

5. Corruption and price fixing
Suppliers shall not perform acts of corruption, accept bribes or make price arrangements with fellow companies or organisations.

6. Other legislation
Suppliers shall abide by all other legislation and regulations that apply in their industry.

7. Copyright
All models, patterns, drawings and designs presented to the suppliers by New Diffusion are not to be used by the suppliers for any other purposes than those agreed upon and remain the property of New Diffusion or its clients. The supplier shall check correct use of the trademarks of New Diffusion or those of its clients and is not allowed to use these trademarks without permission.

8. Supervision
Suppliers shall at all times grant access to employees of New Diffusion who want to check the arrangements mentioned above on the shop floor.

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